Saturday, December 16, 2006

Jobs for Agricultural Graduates In Tamilnadu. India

These are the days of outsourcing in India. Does this alleviate the concerns of the all in the Indian Agricultural sector,where prevailing discontent over the career prospects is obvious ?. Private companies,NGOs beeline to handle the areas,where governmental bodies hitherto dominated.The growing issues of unemployment and underemployment among agricultural graduates would not show well of a nation,that is predominantly a agricultural country,whose resources are competitive globally.Would this outsourcing cut the ice and prevail upon ?..Time and it's tests bear the answer. Outsourcing would be conceived well, if it is meant to promote freelancing in agricultural extension and management services.
In these lines, I like to document certain info - on opportunities for agricultural graduates of Tamilnadu, India - I came across last week.The man behind the mission is Mr.Peter Rex Charlie, a seasoned agricultural professional, who carries out recruitment for certain governmental agencies on part time basis. Agricultural graduates shall try this. Contact : M/S New life Placements ltd. Ph:0431 6451999

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